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Hangzhou Aiyomi food co LTD established in 2008 is a comprehensive snack food enterprise The company develops rapidly from a unique and forward looking perspective starting from the five golden key points of product research and development brand positioning visual marketing market analysis and omni channel sales starting from the source to the sales terminal We attach great importance to product quality and consumer experience We believe that only products that truly meet consumer needs are good products that can open the market Mei s snacks minimalist new retail hits Cover dry series Fried series candied fruit series nuts series meat products series and other series of snacks

Categories and Products

Candied Fruit And Dried Fruit

Nuts And Fried Food

Puffed Food

Meat Snacks

Casual Snacks

Egg Snacks

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FireAvailable and Wholesale Kivifruit JellyWholesale Crab Flavor Melon Seed KernelWhosale Salted Beef-flavored Fried RiceSweet and Perfect Quality Loquat SlicesTasteful Delicious Grilled LophiiformesDesiccated Coconut Flakes Premium GradeTasteful Tomato-flavored Bear Paw CrispWholesale Delicious Nine Production PlumWholesale Tomato-flavored Bear Paw CrispAvailable Original Flavor Crispy CroakerHealthy Cattle Juice Flavored Broad BeanAvailable Tomato-flavored Bear Paw CrispWholesale Original Flavor Crispy CroakerTasteful and Energic Nine Production PlumHigh Quality and Tasteful Sunflower SeedsDelicious Durian Glutinous Rice DumplingsAvailable Durian Glutinous Rice DumplingsWholesale Delicious Sunflower Kernel SeedsDirect Sunshine Southeast Asia Dried MangoHealthy and Energic Mulberry Hawthorn StripOffice Snack of Fried Rice with Beef FlavorAvailable and Wholesale Fried Mushroom ChipsAvailable and Wholesale Mulberry Hawthorn Strip
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